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Two entries in one week? WOO luck you! Double the fun after months of drought.

I applied for an internship over at DDB Canada's Edmonton office. I gave them a call on Friday to follow up and was told that they would be reviewing resumes and doing call backs this week. I'm nervous as hell yo. That's right. Yo.

In my opinion, DDB is really the big leagues of advertising. I would be so excited to get a chance to work with them and develop my skills as a writer and creative mind.

I have my fingers crossed so tightly for a call back to be interviewed I think they're close to breaking. I know that I can really impress them, I just need to be able to sit down in front of the HR people and explain why I'm really the only choice.

My background in psychology and philosophy has taught me how to clearly and concisely develop my ideas. Psychology has taught me the theory of what makes people tick, which completely applies to how to sell to them effectively. Philosophy has taught me how to think for myself and be critical of information I'm provided. These are qualities that are crucial for an intern to have. I feel as though I'm a creative force. I may not have the strongest portfolio of the applicants, but I know that I have the most drive to learn. Just because I'm almost finished my degree doesn't mean that I won't stop learning. I have the maturity to be able to take my ego out of the equation when receiving constructive criticism. I understand that feedback isn't meant to hurt my feelings, it's meant to make me and my work stronger. If I'm to work for a company as widely respected as DDB, I need to be able to produce the best.

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Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2011 - 12:53 p.m.

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