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I graduate soon. That's exciting. A little nerve racking though. I've been actively looking for employment in the advertising industry - something along the lines of a copywriting position.
Despite the fact that this blog has been active (although much less lately) since 2003, I would have never thought of myself as being interested in being any sort of writer. But here I am. I have an internship over at popbytes.com, which has been amazing. I've learned a whole hell of a lot and I've recently been given the opportunity to write for the site. The experience has been wonderful.

I've applied to DDB Canada. The Edmonton office has an internship position that is in the creative department. This is stars lining up stuff here. It specifically states that copywriting students should apply. Although I'm a psych student, copywriting is absolutely what I want to do.

I sort of had an epiphany moment ...last semester, I think, where it just sort of made absolute sense to pursue a career in writing. You know that feeling when something just feels right? Like it's absolutely what you're supposed to be doing? That's how I feel when it comes to this. I've made a decision, set appropriate goals for myself and I'm ready to get that ball rolling.

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Thursday, Apr. 07, 2011 - 12:56 p.m.

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